Three years after one of the biggest disasters happened in Japan, about 267,000 people are still living in temporary housing, as well as some other makeshift facilities across the country. Japan will mark the third anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku – which led to an unprecedented nuclear crisis – on March 11, 2o14.

Evacuees eat their meals at an evacuation shelter in Kesennuma

The police, as well as other authorities are still in the process of searching coastal areas for people who are listed as missing following a massive earthquake, known as the Great East Japan Earthquake. The earthquake is one of the most powerful tremblors ever recorded and subsequent tsunami left thousands of people dead and a huge number of people homeless.

The communities are still struggling with a number of problems, such as lagging reconstruction, as well as an exodus of residents. Before the third anniversary of the disaster, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe reassured that he would help those who are affected to rebuild their lives.

Abe said, “I want to make the upcoming year (one) in which people in the disaster area can really feel reconstruction”. The PM went on to say that he will not just emphasize the hard side of reconstruction, but will also reconstruct their hearts. On the other hand, the deaths caused by suicide or the physical and mental stress continue to rise and totaled to 3,048, as of March 10, 2014.

Photo Credits: Reuters Media


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