As March 2014 progresses, it has been noticed that the condition in the global market is slowly, but surely improving. The current chaos in Ukraine managed to create a scare in the past week, however, the overall situation is improving in the economic sector.


From the economic outlook, the clouds of disturbance are clearing, especially for Asian countries. Malaysia earlier reported another double-digit improvement in exports for January 2014, which happened thanks to increased shipments of electronics, liquefied natural gas, as well as metals. Even though export growth and the trade surplus decreased in December 2013, economists believe that shipments will continue to grow.

In February 2014, Singapore reported stronger activity in factories. Due to such condition, economists predicted an increase in manufacturing from April 2014. On the other hand, India managed to cut down its current account deficit, which is the shortfall between what it sells abroad and what it buys from other countries.

Last week, Indian shares showed a record high and the rupee also faced an improvement of some 7 percent against the green back in the past six months as investors are refocusing on the favourable demographics of the country.

Photo Credits: Hydrocarbons


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