Asia Bizz: Apple TV Can Help Netflix Grow Steadily In The Market

Apple TV will help Netflix grow steadily in the market as the service of video streaming is available on the new Apple TV. Viewers will be able to watch and stream videos on the web through Apple TV by using the Netflix service. As a result of which there was great appreciation to Netflix in the share market, as its shares had reached an all time high.
apple tv

The merger with Apple to provide the service for viewing rental movies from the web to TV, will help Netflix dominate this particular market. As per analysts, Apple will be selling more than 1.5 million units of the Apple TV by 2011. Analysts state that these companies have now become the top web to tv and online movie rental big shots in the market.

Netflix shares went really high, to $137. 93 on the Nasdaq index. Netflix has actually become very flexible and has increased the number of movies and shows that it will rent out to the viewers, so this will really be a good opportunity for Netflix to cement its growth factor with Apple.


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