Electronics manufacturing giant Samsung submitted a patent application for a brand new way of unlocking smartphones. The new technique allows users to unlock their devices by freely drawling lines on screens. The South Korean giant said that the new method is based on catching intersecting points of lines that are being drawn on the screen.


This will enable users to have a wider choice of codes, as opposed to the current method of connecting designated circles. In the patent filing, Samsung said, “The feature allows users to unlock (smartphones) in a more convenient way. As patterns are not restricted to an area, spot or shape, users can unlock screens more freely than before.”

Samsung filed the patent application in September 2012 and the state-run Korean Intellectual Property Office disclosed it on March 13, 2014. Meanwhile, international tech firms have been working towards improving unlocking technology as their latest features on smartphones as security has become one of the biggest concerns for smartphone users.

In February 2014, LG Electronics showcased the ‘Knock Code’, which is an updated smartphone feature of the earlier ‘Knock On’. This allows users to unlock their devices by tapping the screen many times. The previous version only allowed turning the devices on and off.

Photo Credits: BP


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