Asia Bizz: Mozambique Cool’s Down After Two Days Of Intense Food Riots

The African country of Mozambique has cooled down after experiencing two days of intense food riots. The government has said that it has lost more than $3 million in the two days of riots in the country. These riots took place in protest over the increasing food price rise in the country.

Mozambique Riots

The riots have cost the government really badly and reports state that most of the damages included in the $3 million loss, are property and stopped production work. Antonio Fernando, Minister of Trade and Industry in Mozambique, has said that most hardest hit people are the hawkers who earn their daily living by selling on the local streets.

The protests and the riots in the country had taken a deadly toll, as the people were pelting stones on the police and damaging property. Worse was when the crowd started to burn tires and then looted shops in the commercial areas. During the protests, some seven people have been killed and many have been injured. Friday looked more normal in Mozambique than the two days of violence.


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