South Korean giant Samsung said that it is working on a brand new website which will be dedicated to its product design. The website is expected to go live on March 27, 2014. Samsung is known for not receiving any credits when it comes to design when compared to its competitors like Sony, Apple, HTC and even LG.


However, with the recent move, the company has started putting some effort into creating a design language which helps in using its devices easier. In addition to that, the company has released a teaser video which hinted at design innovations across the product portfolio of Samsung and not just for smartphones and tablets.

The teaser says, “Opening” and displays a number of bendable gadgets and device concepts which seem futuristic, including a floating display. Very little has been revealed about the dedicated website, but users will find out about it in the upcoming week during the launch.

The Galaxy S5 did not offer any new design compared to earlier phones, but the company has been trying its hand at innovative designs. Samsung has also moved away from glossy finishes and there is a great emphasis on leather patterns in its upcoming products.

Photo Credits: Live Mint