Asia Bizz: Google Doodle Marks 25 Years Of The ‘Buckyball’ Discovery

Google doodle’s latest feature nowadays is the ‘Buckyball’, which is being featured on the Google website for some days now. Google is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ‘Buckyball’ discovery. But what actually is this buckyball? Buckball is just a shortened term for Buckminsterfullerine molecule, it was one of the first ball shaped molecular particle to be discovered 25 years ago.


The Buckminsterfullerine molecule is a spherical molecule and was discovered exactly 25 years ago at the Rice University,Texas. And it has been named after the founder of the molecule, Mr. Richard Buckminster Fuller. The ‘Fullerine’ word denotes that the whole molecule is made out of Carbon matter.

It is because of the arrangement of the spherical molecules that the name has been derived ‘Buckyball’. The research and study in this particular is done for development in nanotechnology, electronics and other science fields. So this is just an attempt by Google to remind the world of one of the most amazing discoveries that man has made in time.


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