Social networking giant Facebook has revealed a deal to acquire a startup behind virtual reality headgear. The virtual reality headgear will enable users to truly dive into the lives of their friends and family members. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the acquisition of Oculus will help the company to make the social network’s offerings more immersive and would eventually pay off.


Zuckerberg said, “People will build a model of a place far away and you will just go see it; it is just like teleporting”. The co-founder of the social network said that gaming is the beginning, while referring to the Oculus headset’s original design focus.

Zuckerberg explained that Facebook is planning to build the next important computing platform which will come after mobile. For now, the social network will utilize its resources in order to make use of its Oculus headgear affordable and ever-present.

It was also clarified that Facebook does not intend to become a hardware company, but Zuckerberg said that it is open to people who will be using virtual reality devices for immersive shopping experiences at the social network. Facebook is planning to improve the Oculus technology for education, communications and entertainment. The company has already received more than 75,000 orders for the Oculus Rift headset development kits, which will be priced at $350.

Photo Credits: Forbes


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