A recent survey has revealed that Indian companies – through their investments worth $17 billion in the US market – have helped to create employment opportunities for over 81,000 people. The survey included 68 Indian companies which are located in 40 American states for 2013 and the results were published on March 27, 2014 during an event at Capitol Hill.

indian companies

The survey showed that California, New Jersey, New York, Texas, as well as Illinois have the majority of Indian companies. The report – named Indian Roots – said, “According to the survey, the collective investments amount to a whopping $17 billion as of today and together they generate employment for more than 81,000 people in the United States”.

In recent times, it has been observed that the Asian country has emerged as one of the ten fastest-growing sources of foreign direct investment in the United States. In addition to that, data from the Reserve Bank of India displayed that the United States are featured among the top five destinations for FDI from India.

The CII report went on to state that all factors have pointed out towards the growth of Indian industries in the US, whether in regards to job creation or investments, which help in an overall impact on the economy.

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