Southern California was hit with a magnitude 5.1 earthquake on March 28, 2014 in the evening. Authorities of the state are calculating damage caused by the latest quake. Fullerton police said on March 29, 2014 that up to 50 people had been shifted to a new place due to home damage.


The quake’s center is said to be near La Habra and the calamity caused furniture to tumble, glass to break and pictures fall of the walls. In addition to that, merchandise fell off store shelves and glass windows were also shattered, according to several reports. Moreover, many people in Brea suffered minor injuries during a rockslide which overturned a car.

Residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties reported swinging chandeliers and fireplaces dislodging from walls. The quake caused a rock slide in Carbon Canyon, which caused a car to overturn. At Disneyland Anaheim, all rides were halted as a precautionary measure, but no injuries have been reported.

The first earthquake hit the border of La Habra and Brea soon after 8 pm, while another quake hit about an hour later. Experts said that the preliminary data shows that the series of earthquakes appeared to have occurred on the Puente Hills thrust fall.

Photo Credits: Gannett


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