South Korean giant Samsung is all set to release its new Galaxy S5 in India on April 11, 2014. So far, the company has not revealed the latest device’s price, but it will most likely be priced between Rs. 51,000 and Rs. 53,000. Once again, the S5 is in the news due to its two new anti-theft features which were announced by Samsung.


The phone’s two features are ‘Reactivation Lock’ and ‘Find My Mobile’. Samsung says that the features will come pre-installed on the latest device, which will be sold in the United States by US Cellular and Verizon.

When it comes to the new and exciting features, ‘Find My Mobile’ and ‘Reactivation Lock’ will also be available for download. The Find My Mobile feature will work on the same principle as Find My iPhone from Apple. It is a service available online which will help in tracking and locking a cell phone which is stolen. The feature will also wipe the phone clean of data and alert users if someone tries to insert a different SIM card in the device.

The Reactivation Lock Feature detects any abnormal attempt to reset a device to factory settings.

Photo Credits: Straits Times


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