France-based power generation giant Alstom SA stated on April 15, 2014 that it is expecting to supply a massive portion of the steam turbine market for China’s nuclear power generation. The Asian country is considered to be the fastest-growing nation in the world when it comes to atomic energy.

CHina nuclear

The vice-president of Nuclear China-Alstom Thermal, while talking to reporters said, “China will install another 800 gigawatts of capacity for nuclear power, about 70 percent of which will use our technology for steam turbines and other key components”. Chen attended the 13th edition of the Nuclear Industry in China, which was organized by the Chinese Nuclear Society.

The vice-president is also the general manager of Alstom Wuhan Engineering and Technology Co Ltd and said that the company is preparing to expand its presence in China through various investments, as well as recruitment. Chen made references to the post-Fukushima delays and the disaster which happened on March 11, 2011 and went on to say that China’s nuclear market still has the potential for growth.

Chen also said that the agreement is crucial for both Alstom and Dongfang Electric Corp (DEC), as China will continue constructing nuclear plants and is moving towards the third-generation technology. The adoption of nuclear energy has also become important in order to fight against air pollution.

Photo Credits: asianews


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