Asia Bizz: Rise In The Unemployment Rate Is Great Worry For America

The rise in the unemployment has started to worry the American people more than ever, as there has been a rise in the unemployment rate recently. Americans were habitual of checking the unemployment rate on a regular basis, and this time when they have checked they have known that there is an increase in the rate by 0.1% from 9.5% to 9.6%.


According to the spokes person of the Labor Department, he has stated that there is only an increase by 0.1%, and the government considers that there is an official increase in unemployment only when if it is 0.2% or higher. Which means that the government has not yet recognized that there is an increase in the unemployment rate.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics state that if there is steady in crease by 0.1% for more than a month then it can be called an upward trend. He also stated that while presenting the report of the official figures, they try the best that the people should not interpret it incorrectly.


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