Microsoft launches Xbox Live Gold Rush in India

Microsoft launches Xbox Live Gold Rush in India


Software giant Microsoft India has launched its Xbox Live Gold Rush program in the country. The company has decided to release the Games with Gold service in India. As a customer, if you pick up a 12-month Gold subscription for the Xbox Live, then you will be able to get 36 free games during one year. Moreover, users will also be able to download 9 Xbox Arcade Games and this will be their bonus.


The Xbox Live is the online part of Microsoft’s Xbox console and it has been reported that gamers can have a free Silver account or a paid Gold account. In order to play games online, users need to have a Gold account. Earlier, this was the only segment where Sony had the advantage, as gamers did not need to have a PS+ account – which is the equivalent to Xbox’s Gold – to play online games.

Moreover, free users could still play, while PS+ users received benefits of game discounts, free full game trials as well as regular downloads of full games which can be played as long as the account is active.

In a country like India, piracy is a major issue especially for big companies like Microsoft and Sony. Under these circumstances, it is important to promote online play and encourage people to legally buy and play games. A Gold subscription can be directly bought through the console or can be bought from an authorized dealer.

Photo Credits: Gaming update