Asia Bizz: Google Doodle: Colored Balls Doodle Looks Swanky, But Is A Mystery

The Google Doodle which has been released on the 7th September, is really looking swanky and nice but it is a mystery as what does it signify. There are a number of balls that are gives a colorful combination of the Google logo, and as it appeared all of a sudden on the Google web page, it is a mystery as what is it signifying.
google doodle

If one moves the mouse over the logo it starts to disappear and if left it comes back into a form of the Google logo. It is a mystery because that there has been no explanation provided till now, for is Google trying to celebrate something, no comments have come from Google spokeswoman either.

This the third interactive Google Doodle that Google has released this year, and it might or may not be signifying something. The first was the 30th anniversary Pac-Man, that was in the form of a Google logo and the second was the recent 25th anniversary of the ‘buckyball’, which was a movable O in the Google logo, comprised of 60 atoms and looked more like a molecular football.


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