The Mount Everest climbing season has received another set back as the Sherpa mountain guides left the base camp for their village homes on April 25, 2014. The mountain guides left for their homes, a week after a huge avalanche killed about 16 of the fellow guides.


The guides also left the base camp due to the reason that many expedition companies cancelled their climbs while other Sherpas quit after the major avalanche incident on the world’s highest mountain. The recent incident has hit Nepal’s attempts to salvage the climbing season on Mount Everest. There were reports of snow on April 24, 2014 and by morning a layer of snow had covered the tents and the rocky surface of the base camp.

Another small avalanche took place on April 24, 2014 near the spot where the big one had swept a week back but fortunately no one was there in that area. Bishnu Gurung, who was at the base camp said that he saw many Yaks at the base camp who were loaded with the tents , equipments and supplies from the expedition teams. Tenzing a 23 year old Sherpa said, “Many of us think this year is not good for climbing and nobody should be going up the mountain at all”.

The Sherpa described 2014 as a black year for the Everest.

Photo Credits: Media npr


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