The all new Honda City has been launched by PT Honda Prospect Motor on April 24, 2014 in Jakarta at a time when the sedan sales in the country has gone down. The after-sales and marketing service director Jonfis Fandy said that with the new model the sales of Honda City Sedans is expected to reach to about 1,950 units in 2014 which is below 2,974 which was recorded in 2013.


Fandy added that the company has set a lower sales target for Honda City in 2014 due to the decline in the overall sedan sales. Jonfis while talking to the reporters said that since the beginning of 2014 it has been predicted that the sales growth will be slower than that in 2013. He added that this was the reason they did not raise the sales target for the Honda City.

The company entered the Indonesian market in 1996 and has sold 64,034 units of the model and makes it the highest selling mini sedan in the country. The sedans are imported from Thailand. The new Honda City has a 1.5 L cc i-VTEC engine with a paddle shift feature which is used in the formula one race cars.

The vehicle is also introduced with the fuel efficiency technology which meets the Euro 4 standards with a one push ignition system.

Photo Credits: Hargahonda


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