Asia Bizz: Oracle Hires Mark Hurd As Co-President For The Company

In an unbelievable move taken by Oracle, the technology giant has hired Mark Hurd as the Co-President of their company. Mark Hurd is the ex-CEO of HP and had to resign from the company following sexual harassment charge by a fellow employer. It has been some time now that Hurd and Oracle had a positive relation with each other.

mark hurd and larry ellison

During Hurd’s sexual harassment episode at HP, Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison had backed Hurd from his side. Ellison had said that HP has made another decision that is the worst in their company history by ousting Hurd, for previously it was done to Steve Jobs who is the soul of Apple

Hurd and Ellison have been friends for 25 years now, and Hurd has appointed him to be the Co-President of Oracle, which means he will be a part of the board of directors in company. For Ellison, hiring Hurd was the best thing, in his words he said, that Mark did a good job at HP and he hopes that he will be doing better at Oracle.


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