Asia Bizz: Stephen Green, HSBC Chairman To Resign From His Post, To Be UK Trade Minister

Stephen Green the Chairman of HSBC Holding has stated that he will be resigning from his post, as he will be becoming the UK Trade Minister next year. He has not disclosed for the moment who is going to be his immediate successor. Stephen Green is an ordained priest for the Church Of England and is also a very renowned banker, as a reason the coalition government has chosen him to be the UK Trade Minister from May next year.
stephen green

Mr. Green joined HSBC in the year 1982 and became the CEO for the company for the years 2003-06, and then later he became the Chairman of the bank. Mr. Green has been chosen to be the Trade Minister of UK because he can be a strong boon for the dwindling UK economy, which has decided that exports and trade will be paid more attention from next year to improve the economy structure.

The UK government has searched for a businessman who can really be worthy of this position, and that he can prove to be a strong leader here. What Britain is now seeking is that it needs a person who can bring out the country from the sludge of economic crisis and start a whole new phase of rebuilding once again.


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