Asia Bizz: New Upgrades On Sony PlayStation (PS3), Will Block Hardware Hacking

Sony has done some recent upgrades on its latest game module PS3, which makes it unable for the user to use a pirated Game CD or DVD on the machine. The new updates clearly block PSJailbreak and PSGroove Applications. Mathieu Hervias the developer of PSGroove stated that it is better not to update if the users want to continue using the hack.


The update by Sony on the PlayStation 3 was a strong move to overcome the ongoing battle with PSJailbreak, which is allowing the users to use pirated CD’s on the machine. It also is against PSGroove, which is allowing users to use homemade games to be used on the console itself.

The first step that was taken to break the PS3’s safety was the USB Dongle, by which the user could hack the system. Sony has even filed a suit in the US court against Zoomba which is producing the device. But then they have decided that will face this problem head on, by providing updates that can block the hardware hack.


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