In recent times, air and water pollution have become some of the biggest concerns in China. As the awareness of healthy living in increasing in the country, people are rushing to buy domestic appliances that improve the indoors environment.

air purifier

These appliances hold a large share in the Chinese market. One resident of Shanghai spent about 7,000 yuan on an air purifier, in addition to 10,000 yuan for a domestic water purification system. The resident explained that the investment was justified, as these two devices help in keeping his family healthy. Figures have shown that about 1.7 million air purifiers were sold in the Asian country in 2013, which marked a 116 percent year-on-year increase.

There is no doubt that the country’s sales are high, but despite the current condition, some market insiders opined that the market needs to have a nationalized standard and that consumers need to understand what they are purchasing. A 34-year-old accountant, who was shopping for an air purifier said, “Various brands, various indexes, various prices – it can be quite confusing for consumers to choose a suitable device”.

The accountant compared prices of two or three products and finally decided on a model from South Korea. Moreover, foreign brands are grabbing a major share in the expanding air and water purifying market in the country.

Photo Credits: DDMCDN


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