The death of a family member in Japan is considered to be serious business and is part of the nation’s tradition. However, it has been reported that the high cost of traditional funerals in the country, in addition to the rising impracticality of grave sites for families are the reasons why a number of Japanese are looking for other options. With this in mind, one option is to scatter the ashes of the deceased and there is a new rental service which facilitates these rituals.


Now, families of the deceased in Japan will be able to rent equipment, as well as receive assistance from friends and family members in pulverizing the deceased’s remains to powder, which is then scattered. A plastic sheet will be used and bones and ashes of those who have been cremated will be laid out.

After that, the family of the person who passed away would gather and they will be given equipment which is designed for that purpose specifically. It has been reported that the majority of the families in Japan have given positive comments regarding the method. One late man’s wife gave her consent to scatter her husband’s bones, as she was under the impression that the best thing for people is to return to nature after they pass away.

Another woman first thought of having a private contractor to crush her husband’s remains, but then she found out that they could rent special equipment and do it themselves. The family organized a gathering and they performed the pulverization of the remains.

Photo Credits: Ytimg


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