A strong, 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit Chiang Rai’s Phan district in Thailand on May 5, 2014. Reports say that it is the strongest earthquake recorded in Thailand so far.


It has been reported that people ran out of their buildings and houses after the tremors struck and the earthquake was so strong that tremors were felt in Bangkok, at Baiyoke Tower and Central World Mall. Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported until now. The National Disaster Warning Centre warned people who are living in the affected region to stay in safe places as additional aftershocks can be expected. In addition to that, people should follow the updates of the center on a regular basis.

The chief of the Meteorological Department’s Seismology Bureau said during a press conference that there were at least five aftershocks and each of them were between 3 and 4 in magnitude. It has been reported that one of the roads in Phan district cracked following the earthquake at about 6 pm. Even a hotel located in Chiang Rung district experienced damage to its exterior.

Meanwhile, shoppers at the Central Plaza Mall were seen running out of the Muang district as things began falling off the shelves. Even ceiling tiles at the Chiang Rai Airport reportedly started dropping during the latest earthquake. Impact of the quake was also felt in other provinces in the north.

Photo Credits: Binaryapi