Asia Bizz: Google Homepage Today Logo Google Doogle September 7 On account Of Labour Day

If you have noticed that Google’s Homepage today was a little different than the other days, you are right cause today on account of Labour day in the United stats Google showcased its Google Doogle on the google search homepage.

This is what Google does many a time for adding flavour and connecting to its millions of users everyday. Google on many occasions alters their logo and changes it and always makes the homepage look in a very special way for that day.

The long holiday weekend on the United States due to the Monday being as Labour day is good and Google has done this logo change according to country IP, what that means is that if you are in Thailand, you may not necessarily see the Google Doogle logo, or for that matter even have a holiday.

Google loves connecting to all its loyal customers all across the world wide web and changes their logo each time some World anniversaries or special occasions take place.


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