Asia Bizz: Google Doodle Bouncing Balls Homepage For September 7

Google Logo September 7 – The latest Google Doodle on Google’s webpage for September 7th are some colorful bouncing balls that look very nice and interactive. And not to forget people are logging on the search page so much to find what is this new doodle and what does it signify, that it is topping the trends list for today.

After some investigation into what had Google been upto after bring in the new Google Doodle, some conclusions include, that it can be Google’s birthday, HTML5, or even some hidden message. When someone moves that cursor over the dots on right side of the page, the colorful balls start to move all over the webpage and later settle down to make a Google logo.

Google basically does have some message or marking some anniversary, event or birthday, with its Google Doodle. Like the recent ‘Buckyball’, it was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the buckyball. It seems this time Google has showcased it on its website for without any specific reason.


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