A senior rail expert in China said that one of the biggest construction projects for the upcoming Trans-Asian Railway Network is all set to begin in June 2014. The project has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

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Wang Mengshu, who is a tunnel and railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering on May 8, 2014 said, “The Gaoligong Mountain Rail Tunnel will be more than 30 kilometers long and will help link Yunnan province to Myanmar”. Wang went on to say that the tunnel will be the longest in Asia, while engineering difficulties will be almost the same as those in the construction of rail lines on the permafrost in Tibet. 

In addition to that, the rail and tunnel expert said that the Nujiang River Rail Bridge is another important project which will also be launched in the near future and the bridge and the tunnel are part of the Dali-Ruili Railway which will connect China to its neighbor Myanmar. 

Certain sections of the railway will be appropriate for high-speed operation and will enable trains to run at 250 km per hour, while others will have a maximum speed of 180 kph. Wang has been one of the important planners for the high-speed railway network in China.

Photo Credits: Chinadailyasia


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