The latest report says that the American tech giant Apple has withdrawn its popular iPhone 4 from the Indian market. The company decided to re-launch the device in India in January 2014, with a hope that it would improve sales and also increase iOS user base in the country, which is largely dominated by Android.

iphone 4

Apple offered massive discounts, exchange offers for customers, as well as buybacks, due to which it became difficult for users to ignore the iPhone 4. However, new reports say that the iPhone 4 will not be the base model in India any longer, as the company is attempting to push its iPhone 4S instead. There is a possibility that the iPhone 4 has been removed from stores because it did not represent the best showcase for the company’s iOS 7 software.

Moreover, it is also not the best way to show first-time users what an iPhone is capable of doing. It is more likely that the company ran out of stock for the older version of the iPhone, as the company’s distributors say that it had a good impact on the market.

Certain reports said that the iPhone 4 played a crucial role in increasing the iPhone user base in India to more than 25 lakh people in a year.

Photo Credits: Compare India


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