Asia Bizz: HP To Block Mark Hurd From Working With Oracle, Lawyers Feel This Will Be Hard

HP is filing a lawsuit to block their ex-CEO of their company, Mark Hurd, from working with Oracle, but according to the lawyers, they state that it will be really hard to stop this from happening as the the California laws permit employees to move and be employed anywhere they want. HP states that if Hurd becomes the president of Oracle then there is a great possibility that he could leak some of HP’s trade secrets.

According to experts from Stanford Law School, they state that the concept of a leak of trade secret is what hampers employers being employed somewhere else. And in addition to this, HP will have to come up with really strong evidence that Mark is about to leak trade secrets to Oracle.

It is not something new that has happened in America for the first time, prior to this all technological giants, which include like Microsoft, Google, International Business Machines, Apple Inc. have clashed with each other on the employers row, barring them from being employed by a rival in the fear of a trade secret leak.


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