Asia Bizz: Google Instant Search – Google Announcement Of Its New Search Feature

Google Announcement of the News Google Instant Search Feature – Google after playing with logos on special occasions is only making their products better and more user friendly as they go further and announce their new search feature called Google Instant Search.

Google Instant search

The Google instant search feature is one feature that will guide you and help you search your keywords with ease and suggest the appropriate keywords and those longed tailed ones and save you typing time.

This feature will not only help customers that are loyal to Google but also get in some more searches. Google claims that it will save almost around 2 to 4 second of a person searching.

The CEO of Google Eric Schmidt also tweeted saying that “fast is about to get faster.” that was clearly indicating towards Google Instant Search.

3.5 billion seconds a day can be saved if its used globally and in Business every second matters.


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