It has been more than two months since the Malaysian flight went missing. Following the accident, Malaysia Airlines has announced that it is looking at a complex review of its business plan, as well as that many options are being investigated in order to enable the long-term sustainability of the carrier.


It was reported earlier that the ailing airline has already started with new plans to revive the company which would enable it to have a fresh start. The airline in a statement said, “MAS is aware of the intense speculation on the possible course of actions to be undertaken by the company.” The statement went on to say that the management would like to put it on record that a complex review of the business plan is underway and that the company is looking at different avenues to ensure the long-term sustainability of Malaysia Airlines.

MAS also said that safety will remain priority and an integral part of the company and the airline will ensure that maintenance is done in accordance with rigorous compliance to regulatory obligations and requirements. Recent reports said that the airline is in talks with banks for a strategic revamp which can include partial sale of its engineering unit, as well as an upgrade of its ageing fleet.

Photo Credits: tsemrinpoche