China’s capital city of Beijing, is all set to pull out 300 polluting elements out of the city before October 2014. The move  has been taken  by the city authorities keeping in mind the increasing level of smog pollution in the city. The speeding up of industrial reforms is another reason  for the stringent move by the authorities.


The companies which have made it to the list of removal, include the ones which have high water consumption, construction material and furniture manufacturers. Zhang Boxu, the director of the Beijing Commission of Economy and Information technology said, “These factories and companies will be relocated in nearby cities or regions after technology upgrading and product restructuring”.

The nearby areas include the Tianjin, Heibei province, Inner Mongolia autonomous region held discussions on accepting some of the companies. Authorities of Beijing said about 288 enterprises were moved out of the capital in 2013. The move had helped to city to cut the emissions of sulphor dioxide by 7,000 tons. Several efforts have been made to reduce the pollution levels. However despite of these efforts, the municipal environment report said that the air quality in Beijing had not improved in 2013.

Authorities in Beijing have drawn guidelines that will urge polluting companies to move out of the city. This will help to reduce the pollution levels in the city’s air. In 2013, Heibei was a home for 10 of the China’s most polluted cities.

Photo Credits; Independent


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