In light of recent world developments concerning the cyber space, the China State Internet Information Office on Thursday said that it will give a cyber security review to protect national security and public interest.

The new policy aims to curb tech product suppliers from taking undue advantage and participating illegal practices such as control, disturbance or shut down of computer systems belonging to its users, as well as collection, storage, processing or using information of its users.


The office also said that the companies which fail to comply with the new rules and regulations will be banned from supplying their products and services to China.

Jiang Jun, the spokesperson from the office said “For a long time, a few countries’ governments and enterprises have made use of their monopoly in the market and technological fields to collect sensitive data and information on a large scale, which not only damaged users’ interest, but also brought great threats to cyber space.”

This policy move by China comes at a time when the Edward Snowden case is still fresh in memory. Former Central Intelligence Agency contractor Edward Snowden was responsible for leaking out sensitive documents in June 2013. The high – profile incident had countries across the world raising their guard and taking stock of their own cyber security measures.

The 21st century has proven to be a time where the cyber space is inextricably linked to every aspect of the world around us, national security included. Thus, assuring that Internet and computer system technologies are “safe and under control” is crucial to China’s national security, economic structures, social set-up and people’s legitimate rights and interests, Jiang Jun added.

Photo Credits: SCMP


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