Malaysian Airlines has outright dismissed unofficial reports stating that the Airline company will be shutting down operations from May 28.

Ever since the infamous disappearance of its MH370, the airline has been dogged with market instability. During the week the company’s share price slipped to an intra-day low of 17 sen, with 109.1 million shares traded.

However even amidst such a tumultuous climate chief executive officer Ahmad Jauhari Yahya of the Malaysian airlines maintained a brave front and said “we remain committed with greater marketing push.” He added by saying that “passengers need not worry.”


Yahya added , “In spite of that, we remain committed with greater marketing push”. The chief executive also said that the current Malaysian travel fare had allowed the travelers to purchase the tickets at half the price till December 2014 and that the passengers need not to worry. The ailing airline, in the past has had a good reputation of aviation practices.

But in recent times, the airline faced a downfall due to the disappearance of the MH 370 flight . After the incident, the shares of MAS continued to dip. During the first quarter which ended in March 31, 2014 the airline posted a loss of 444 million ringgit which was a huge dip of 72% compared to the earlier quarter and 28% year on year.

The Malaysian flight MH 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014 and hasn’t still been found. The flights had disappeared from the radar just a few moments after the take off.

Photo Credits: Rakyatpost


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