Asia Bizz: Google Finally Unveils The New Google Instant Search Engine Feature

Google has finally unveiled the new Google Instant Search feature, and this is another step that Google has taken into developing the website and making searches more faster on the net. The new feature has been said that it will help the user to use the Google website in a more better and a faster way.

Google Instant Search

Google has said, that when a user is using the new Instant Search, there will be suggestions coming below the search box of Google, where when the user is typing the words related to the search, the site will provide him suggestions for making his search even faster. For eg. if one is typing the word ‘Blue’, then suggestions like blue book, blue nile etc will start coming up.

So according to this search feature the user will be saving a lot of time during the search activity, and that which will be very useful to the people who are basically short of time. According to Google, they are trying to predict what the user wants to find, and this is something that they have finally achieved.


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