The food and drug watchdog of China on Friday said that it has renewed the production permits for the 82 baby formula producers as of May 29, 2014. Ma Chunliang, an official with the China Food and Drug Administration said, that a total of 51 producers had failed to obtain the new production permits and have been asked to delay the applications for renewals.


The measure are a result of a half year campaign after the CFDA unveiled a new regulation to improve the standards for the domestic infant formula producers. The CFDA website has published the list of producers who have acquired the approval of Food and Drug Administration. The website has also said that the public is welcome to monitor their performance.

Ma added, that in 2013 the CFDA had taken samples of about 2,698 baby formula products from about 86 enterprises in 22 provinces. As per the results the samples could not qualify the approval. The new regulation – Detailed Rules of Examination of Production License for Infant Formula Milk Powder Producers Version 2013 , was issued in December 2013.

The regulations had raised the requirements for the quality of infant formula producers in nine areas. The nine areas include purchase of raw material, product safety control, formula product inspection, product traceability and manufacturing process.

Photo Credits: China Org


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