United States president Barack Obama’s clean energy policy is all set to set an example for developing countries like China and India.

The Obama administration unveiled its new clean energy policy on Monday June 2, 2014. The new policy has an enormous green appeal, however it has left top US lawmakers and advocacy groups raging.


The new clean energy policy aims to cut carbon emissions from existing power plants by 30% by the year 2030. Currently carbon emissions from power plats accounts for a huge chunk of carbon footprint emitted by the United States. The policy further aims to cut  particle pollution, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by more than 25% till 2030.

Though it is a bold move on behalf of the United States Govt, the republican opposition isn’t in the mood to favour the new reform. According to some sources on the opposition side, the new clean energy policy will not really help cutting down on US’s emissions, but instead will put the country at a disadvantage against countries like India and China.

On the other hand, developing countries like India and China have long argued that there is an unfair green burden on them and that they shouldn’t be bearing the brunt of all reform policies. They see green reforms as a curb on their development imposed by hypocrite western countries. They are the ones in dire need of growth and having stringent green policies in place would hamper development for them.

However the Obama administration is firm on its new policy move.White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters, “I wouldn’t predict what specific actions other countries may take, but it stands to reason that leadership by the United States, a demonstration of a seriousness of purpose here, will have at least potentially positive effects on other nations as collectively we address a global challenge.”

Photo Credits: Politico


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