Researchers investigate sound probably related to missing flight MH370.

Australian researchers have released a recording of an underwater sound that they say could possibly be linked to the disappearance of  the Malaysian Airlines jet MH370.

missing flight

The Malaysia Airlines plane ceased satellite transmissions and vanished on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board.

Researchers from the Curtin University near Perth have been studying records from the underwater listening devices. These also include signals that detect any kind of underwater nuclear explosions.

Alec Duncan, at the university’s centre for Marine Science and Technology said, “One signal has been detected on several receivers that could be related to the crash”. The research team has been analysing a very low frequency sound for a few weeks now, this is being done to ascertain whether this sound was caused by the impact of the aircraft on water, or explosion of the aircraft’s parts as they sank.

Duncan added that low frequency sounds can travel  for thousands of miles through water, given the right circumstances. The researcher added that it currently appears that the sound is inconsistent with other data about the aircraft’s supposed position.

Researchers from the Curtin University believe that the sound has come thousands of miles to the northwest of the current search area in the southern Indian ocean. Moreover, no one has been able to pinpoint the source.

Photo Credits: Telegraph


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