Japanese automotive manufacturer – Toyota – to use China-made hybrid engines in its cars.

Auto giant Toyota Motors announced that hybrid powertrain which are made in China will be used in Toyota’s Corolla Models. The engines are manufactured by the First Automobile Works and Levin made by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd.


The new vice-president and general manager of Toyota Motors Engineering and Manufacturing in China (TMEC) – Soichiro Okudaira – said that his first task after taking over was to speed up the process of localisation of hybrid powertrains in China. Okudaira was seen addressing a gathering at the 18th Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao International Auto show held in Shenzhen. He also added that speeding up of research on new vehicles will be a priority.

The new general manager added that his main work is to fully understand, satisfy and grasp the needs of the Chinese customers. TMEC has its headquarters situated at Chanshu and Jiangsu province and is the nerve centre of the localisation process. The company has concentrated on more research work in terms of energy saving and new energy technologies.

The company is these days trying to develop new products according to the requirements of the consumers. As the competition intensifies in the world auto market, more and more companies are trying to incorporate new technologies and features in their cars, to make them more attractive and viable.

Photo Credits: Auto News