Book-type display for videos with the new foldable OLED display panels.

New foldable display has been unveiled by Advanced Film Device Inc, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory and Nokia Corp. The new display can be folded two to three times while a video is being displayed.


The companies had announced the display at SID 2014 –  an academic conference on display technologies – which was held from June 1-6, 2014 in San Diego.

Two types of displays have been launched, one of them can be folded into two like a book while the other can be folded three times. When unfolded they turn into 5.9 inch OLED panels and their pixel count resolutions are 1,280 X 720 and 249 ppi respectively.

The devices have been made with WTC structure which is a combination of light emitting OLEDs and color filter. The new display has been created by forming a release layer colour filter and a sealing layer on a glass substrate. All the three layers have to be formed in a particular order on another glass substrate.

The color filter layer and the OLED layer are attached to each other while the glass substrates are taken off and are replaced with flexible substrates. The book-type three fold display can be bent to a curvature of radii 2mm and 4mm respectively.

Photo Credits: OLED