Asia Bizz: Oil Spill Claims In The Gulf Of Mexico, Below $20 Billion: BP

British Oil production giant, BP, now sees that the total figure of oil spill claims in the Gulf of Mexico is now below $20 billion.New figures have been disclosed after the meeting done by the new BP Chief, Bob Dudley. He said that the claims figures calculated by BP prior to this have been in excess of $20 billion.
Bob Dudley BP

But as BP had kept forward the $32 billion total loss figure during the oil spill is still a strong indicator that the loss figures still hover nearby it. The new figures have been alloted by the Citigroup analysts and the group said that after the meeting done with Dudley, it seems that BP will re-establish their dividends by next year.

Mr. Dudley stated that the liquidation of the Dividends after the disaster was not forced by the government, but it was the sole will of the company itself. According to the analysts, they feel that BP, by the Q1 of 2011, will be having enough cash flow to restore their dividends, as they sell oil at an $80/barrel price.


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