Asia Bizz: Apple Will Soon Come With A New iPad, With Front Facing Camera

Apple Inc. is at it again and this time it is working to upgrade its, iPad with a front facing camera, which can be launched in few months from now. The new iPad will for sure feature a front facing camera, which can be used for the FaceTime feature, and may be due to be launched in the Q1 of the next year.

new ipad

An expert from inside the Apple company has stated that the device is already in the advanced stages of testing and that company can even bring the device out before the holidays. And now for the people who have the taste for Apple products, it seems that new iPad with a camera will be making more sense than before, as many praised and appreciated the new iPod with a front camera and FaceTime, which made it more like an iPhone.

The only region where Apple falls considerably is the launch durations, even for the slightest upgrade, Apple waits for a yearly event, and some considered that it could be launched somewhere in April 2011, after a whole year of the launch. Some new goodies in the upgraded iPad include the new iOS 4.2 and will also come with file-sharing, multitasking (finally), and HDR photos.


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