Samsung tablet screens will have more vibrant colors as it plans to integrate AMOLED technology.

South Korean giant Samsung is all set to roll out new tablet computers which will feature screens richer in color than the standard LCDs.


Such screens are known as the AMOLED for active-matrix organic light emitting diodes. Such screens are already found in the smartphones made by Samsung and a few other manufacturers.

However, so far no tablets have used these kind of screens because larger AMOLED screens are more difficult to produce. Samsung will introduce the changes in their upcoming line of Android tablets known as the Galaxy Tab S.

On June 12, 2014 Samsung introduced two such models which have screens of 8.4 inches and 10.5 inches respectively.

The tablets will go on sale in the US in July at $400 for the smaller model and $500 for the larger one. The models with the 4G LTE cellular access are expected to be launched later in 2014.

Samsung is considered as the world’s second largest maker of tablets and is giving US tech giant Apple some tough competition in the market.

AMOLED screens cost around 10 to 30 percent more to make and thus, when Samsung had released an AMOLED tablet in 2012, the escalated cost of the product hindered its sales.

The new tablets will come with displays of 2,560 pixels by 1,600 pixels similar to what is present in it’s Pro series.

The new tablets will enable users to make calls when a Samsung phone is detected nearby and to unlock the device with a fingerprint. The tablets are designed to support up to eight user profiles, so every member in the family can have a separate home screen by a simple finger swipe on the sensor.

Photo Credits: Samsung Rumours