Asia Bizz: Google Tests Live Video Streaming On YouTube

Google has started tests on its latest feature of live video streaming on YouTube, as this could be direct challenge to LiveStream, UStream, and, who are live streamers on the web. Google is on an attempt to bring in the facility and to test whether it has the ability to provide live streaming online. YouTube has been testing the new facility along with its content partners, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood.


It has started the phase of Alpha testing which makes this Google’s first step in live streaming venture. But prior to this YouTube has done one-off live events, like the U2 concert live, Indian Premier League matches etc.

CitizenTube, a part of YouTube which is dedicated to political discussions on the web, has also streamed videos live on the web. But as per the experts, the live streaming will be limited to the content that will be professionally produced by the partners of YouTube, and the common members on YouTube, who could do live video streaming.


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