China’s pilots forbidden from watching FIFA as it might affect work, say airline officials.

As the FIFA World Cup 2014 fever grips the world, China’s – China Southern Airlines – has banned its pilots from staying up late to watch the World Cup matches citing safety reasons. China Southern Airlines – which is the largest carrier in terms of fleet – has issued a notice to all its employees warning them to abstain from the world cup mania.

chinese pilots

The notice says, “Watching the World Cup will affect work and safety”. Frontline staff members which includes pilots are forbidden to watch or discuss the tournament during working hours. The notice added that China Southern is focusing on preventing the risks of pilot fatigue and drinking problems which might be a result of watching games late in the night.

The airline crew as well as the supervisors will be punished if such incidents occur. A similar notice has been issued by the Spring Airlines – the largest low-cost carrier in China.

The notice added that the World Cup period is also the peak season for civil aviation and in order to ensure safety the carrier will make checks to avoid any incidents of employee fatigue.

The Civil aviation authority regulation has stated that it is important for pilots to maintain their energy levels and have sufficient rest.

Photo Credits: Theage


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