Kill switch in phones to deter robbers.

US based software giant Microsoft and search engine giant Google are all set to add a new ‘Kill Switch’ feature to their Windows and Android based Phone Operating systems. The feature’s main function is to render a handset useless incase of a theft.


This new feature is the result of authorities pushing tech manufacturers to develop a kill switch like feature that will help in curbing the number of thefts. South Korean giant Samsung and US based Apple already offer a similar feature on their devices.

With this recent move by Microsoft and Google, the kill switch feature will be a part of three major phone operating systems in the world.

A recent report by the US authorities has shown that smartphone theft has become a major problem across the globe. In 2013, some 3.1 million mobile devices were stolen from the US, which is about double the figure compared to 2012.

Thus, policymakers have started a new initiative known as – Secure out Smartphones. As a part of the initiative, technology firms take steps to integrate solid security features in phones – such as the kill switch – which will deter phone robberies.

Photo Credits: Industry week


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