Honda, Nissan and Mazda call for major vehicle retractions citing air bag defect.

Major Japanese automakers have announced a retraction of about three million of their vehicles across the globe on June 23, 2014. The vehicles have been recalled over an airbag defect which poses the risk of fire.


Honda announced that it has decided to recall of about 2,033,000 vehicles that were produced between August 2000 and December 2005. This includes more than one million in North America and 668,000 in Japan.

Other auto giants like Nissan and Mazda have also taken a similar decision by recalling hundreds of vehicles over the same issue.

The same defect has been responsible for earlier callbacks made by Japanese automakers. The airbags have been manufactured by Japan- based Takata Corp which addmitted that their US-based subsidiary had manufactured the airbags.

The company apologized for the problem and promised to take correctional measures. Takata in a statement said, “We apologize deeply for causing tremendous trouble and worries to client companies, users of our products and other people concerned.”

Nissan has announced a combined recall of 755,000 vehicles which includes 128,000 in Japan and 627,000 overseas.

A spokesperson from Mazda said that their recall will cover 11,832 vehicles at home and 147,975 units in the overseas market, mostly in China and Europe.

Honda in a separate statement said that the airbags might have been assembled with an improperly manufactured propellant component.

Photo Credits: Gateway Gazette