Israel’s futuristic mass transit system to take shape in three months.

Israel might be the world’s first country to have an aerial maglev ferrying people in egg shaped pods across campuses at a speed of 44mph. If everything goes according to plans, then Tel Aviv will have this mass rapid transportation system installed.


The new concept has been named as SkyTran which is a personal transit system equipped to carry two people at a time and the pods will hang from elevated maglev tracks. The transport system looks futuristic, but the idea has been in the pipe-line since the 1990’s. The new transit been earlier been suggested for cities like Tempe, Arizona and Kuala Lumpur.

The Israel Aerospace company is working with a California based company to bring SkyTran in to its corporate campus in TelAviv. SkyTran revealed that the construction will begin in three months and is expected to be finished in a year. Authorities are trying to bring the pilot program throughout the city and have been looking forward to adopt SkyTran for a while.

“Israelis love technology and we don’t foresee a problem of people not wanting to use the system. Israel is a perfect test site,” said SkyTran CEO Jerry Saunders.

For congested cities like Tel Aviv, the pods can prove to be ideal as they float above the crowded city streets. The system will be automated and passengers can call for a pod via their phones and have it ferry them to their desired destination.

Photo Credits: Timesofisrael


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