Plasma TV’s breathe their last as major companies to stop production.

South Korean giant Samsung is all set to shut down its Plasma TV business owing to changes in market demands. The company said that it will instead focus on the curved and ultra high definition models which use LED TV technology. Back in 2013, Japan’s Panasonic had also announced its exit from the plasma TV market citing similar reasons.


Currently, the only major company manufacturing plasma TV’s is LG who according to reports is also planning to make an exit from the plasma Tv market.

Manufacturers these days are looking to amp up the production of – next generation TV sets for consumers – LED and LCD screens. Consumer Electronics analyst with IHS, Veronica Thayer said that the last shipments of plasma TVs for the American retail shelves will arrive by the year end.

A few Chinese companies which are still into Plasma TV production, are also likely to shut shop by 2016. The Plasma TVs consist of pixels filled with gas that light up in different colors when they are hit with an electrical current. On the other hand, the LED and LCD televisions utilize screens which are made of liquid crystals that are lit up from behind to create images.

Photo Credits: Images CDN