Shinzo Abe assures open dialogue with China.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has assured China that the “two countries are inextricably linked” and that the door for discussion is always open. Abe is currently on an official visit to Australia to finalize a host of deals which will ensure closer military co-operation between the two countries – a move most likely to further irk China.


Japan and China have been at logger heads over the issue of the Japanese-controlled  Senkaku islands, which China also claims sway over. Several such other tensions simmer away as Abe’s cabinet officially passed an amendment of a constitutional clause last week, the clause which earlier banned the use of military force unless in a dire situation, has now received a slight tweak allowing for more leeway.

Abe’s Australian counterpart Tony Abbot has been keen on fostering further ties between Australia and Japan, however, Abe went out of his way to ensure China that this partnership is not a “partnership against anyone; its a partnership for peace , for prosperity and for the rule of law.”

Abe further seems to be on a peacemaking mission with his words, adding to his statement in Canberra, he also said that China is a major country along with whom Japan and Australia have a role to maintain peace in the Asia-Pacific region.

Photo Credits: Top news


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