Apple gears up for the October launch of its new iWatch.

As the launch date of Apple’s much awaited wearable device – iWatch – fast approaches, reports confirm that the US based tech giant has hired the sales director of luxury Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer to help promote the upcoming wearable device. The new Apple iWatch is expected to be launched in October 2014.


The new appointment in the company was announced by Jean Claude Biver, who is the head of watchmaking at the global luxury firm LVMH that owns TAG Heuer. Biver added that Vice President of Sales, Patrick Pruniaux had finalized the contract with Apple last week, but he did not broach the subject of what the new job will be. A spokeswoman from TAG Heuer said that Pruniaux was probably head hunted .

On the other hand, Apple has declined to comment. However, Pruniaux is not the first person to be appointed in a such a fashion. Burberry Ex-Chief Executive Angela Ahrendt was appointed as Apple’s new head of retail and online sales in May 2014.

The recent hiring news has firmly established Apple’s interest in the wearable device segment which is expected to be worth$8.3 bn by 2018.

Apple is rumoured to be developing an iWatch which will be a rival to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. The new device is expected to feature a curved display with a touch screen and will run on Apple’s flagship iOS.

Photo Credits: Dazeinfo